Camping Canada Trick!

12226607_10206378028983753_1637912290_n Picked up a phone call from a friend saying lets go camping in the woods. Got my tools, tent and self ready for a two days camping trip. After a three hours road trip we managed to find the woods and settle. We  were a group of guys who spent the first few hours preparing tents, food and bonfire to suddenly fall asleep to the next morning, where I woke up to find myself in full isolation; no phone service, no friends, gear, tents or . I was traumatized to what I woke up to! I shouted their names, and looked  for them but no result.  I walked around for hours to find my missing friends and a way out of the woods and find whats going on. I finally reached the main street and kept  walking till I found a rest station. I got there scared, worried and lost. Suddenly I heard giggles, sarcasm and obviously my friends!.. as a final point I’v learned that my friends played a trick on me. I was very mad and wanted to get back at them but couldn’t. After getting in the car for our way home, the car stopped working and that’s when karma got em.


16 thoughts on “Camping Canada Trick!

  1. If this is a girls story Then this is an overdone prank! 😂 & I like how karma came back to them.. even though you were stuck in the broken car too hahah

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  2. hhhhh i like this story very much it was so interesting i couldn’t stop reading it.. i read it twice you did a great job jude keep going 🙂


  3. Interesting, it can easily grab the readers attention to continue reading the story. At the first glimpse I thought it similar to horror movies, later on, it turned to be a funny story. The structure of the story was well done since you could transfer our thoughts in a smoothly way.
    Well done!

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