In the Shadow of Fear


Every night before I go to sleep, I would write a bunch of lines talking about the current situation of the country, and indeed I was just the right person to criticize. Every time after I finish writing I would tear down the papers and throw them away, as if I reveal the deepest secrets and weaknesses of my country to the papers, and fears that anybody would see them. Although, I was quite aware that many around me feel the same and share the same opinion but they do not have the courage to let it out, which makes me feel even worse. I realized deep inside that it has become one of the impossibilities for this country to change, that is why, one night I thought that I should stop writing and get my mind busy with more useful stuff, no one even reads my writings, not even myself, I do not wait to correct my mistakes after writing rather I just tear it all apart as if they were a friend who can talk to then get disposed of after being done.


11 thoughts on “In the Shadow of Fear

  1. i agree with you 100%100 we all feel weak and diapered when we see what happened to our country we cant say anything because there is no freedom but its so sorry to stop writhing because i think write is a tools we can used it in front of the occupation and we shouldn’t stop writhing or feel weak because its our country and we shouldn’t let it and we must define on it and the writing is very important and we shouldn’t forget that .
    great job the story amazing and you are a great writer i wish you all the best 🙂

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  2. I agree with you and I would be delighted to read your writings. Your words seems deep and have a special glow and I’m sure one day you will be able to let all things inside you out and may God help us. #PALESTINE #FREEDOM #YOUR_SPECIAL

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  3. I think going over your is indeed a good thing. We should indeed face our fear and never expose the, I only see a natural activity. It may seem week but I think your kind of facing fear in a way. It may seem insignificant but by your acknowledging your fears and by that I mean you set yourself ready.

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    1. Indeed! Exposing your fears on a paper is one way to express as well as confronting what insecures you have. Very beneficial!


    1. I agree! its always good to publish things both positive and negative. You learn much from people’s experiences and shares.


  4. Writing is a great for of therapeutic bliss. I do encourage you to keep your writing and revisit a year later. You will be surprised to find out that as you mature you also gain courage. Hopefully one day we can see what you wrote.


  5. Interesting.. If you want to get rid of a feeling just bury it alive by writing about it .. this is how I view writing as a process of letting out.


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