Scared?-Not anymore!

On my sister’s birthday, our friend invited us over to surprise my sister for a small celebration. My friend lives in the old City of Jerusalem.  After we brought the cake and sang for her, her mother insisted to stay for dinner and we did, afterwards, it got late and decided to go home, unfortunately my friend’s father refused for the political conflicts between Palestinians and Israeli’s that started right outside their house to fill up the whole neighborhood with fights, screams, fire, shooting guns, and people running from the stabbed Jew, ending with closing the gates preventing anyone from passing by.  We got stuck to a point where we planned a sleepover. Later, we learned that the gate opened and we got our things and headed out.  Honestly at first I was scared, but that feeling was so strong; to be in the center of all such clashes for the first time was an indescribable thing. My sister and I were traumatized from what we had seen, heard and lived in the past few hours. We walked to the main gate of Jerusalem and stood still shocked and confused; we forgot where we parked our car! Suddenly another friend we know came up to us and helped finding our car which was parked in the same place we usually park in! We got home safe and sound. When I think of this incident I don’t think of the negativity I got during such scare but actually I felt re-energized and refreshed! You experience something scary.. Your fear of it decreases.


13 thoughts on “Scared?-Not anymore!

  1. During the second intifada a friend and I were walking home from school and clashes broke out on the main street and all we could do is just freeze although we could have moved a few feet to safety. I’m glad you are OK and that you can look back and see amidst all this friendship and the strength and warmness of a community.


  2. Im glad your fear decreases because this fear that you had will one day eventually flip for the Isrealis to feel the same fear you had and their fear hopefully will increase rather than decrease

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  3. We always need the critical point to break the fear, fear sometimes is the best motivation for us to change, so the new experiences. I think we all need to live our fears with wide open eyes!


  4. I love these words by Georgia O Keefe. I make a real effort to embrace them into my own life.

    “I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing that I wanted to do.”
    ― Georgia O’Keeffe

    Wonderful post.

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