She never dreamed of having  a life based on experiences, options, hobbies, readings and more were people around had tried or lived. She always had issues with accepting that life is only one bubble for all. Her aim was to astray from hobbies, sports and experiences her siblings and friends had tried already. She tends to constantly … More She

Black Water

I always feared the depth of water! I can’t think of a moment were water was something that I might feel excited for. I notice massive  joy and excitement of people I know  for scuba diving, swimming or trying new water activities. It was always fun to watch the enthusiasm for floating, diving and simply jumping of … More Black Water

Degraded Smiles!

As an Arabian woman, I was self taught by watching, and living in, our society to walk around with a serious frown across my face-just like everyone else. This expression, I believed, would shield me from any unwanted random acquaintances. It would also ward off all those uninvited male egos that I would pass by … More Degraded Smiles!

What are feelings?

What are feelings? Is it when the beast inside you starts beating madness, Feeding on your insides daydreaming. Staring at the ceiling as if it’s another dimension, Could I be asleep in a dream inception? What are feelings? Go ahead find out yourself prepare for one hell of a ride Put the coin in the … More What are feelings?

Comfort Silence

One day, when I was a little kid, I was crying calling for my mom. Everything was silent and scary. I couldn’t hear my own voice, my own crying. Then, I saw my mom’s hand over my shoulder and I was surprised. I hugged my mom and even cried harder. I remember I was begging … More Comfort Silence

Normal Life

Normal life: The German people were kind enough to treat us well; when we needed help they helped. On a normal day after work we would go home to rest or to the supermarket to get some food and groceries to cook. Also, on every Saturday and Sunday they would take us for tours to … More Normal Life