Normal Life

Normal life:

The difference of borders between Germany and Palestine

The German people were kind enough to treat us well; when we needed help they helped. On a normal day after work we would go home to rest or to the supermarket to get some food and groceries to cook. Also, on every Saturday and Sunday they would take us for tours to new areas to explore and learn more about Germany. The environment in Germany was full of greens; trees and grass and clean streets. The transportation was easy, we went to Switzerland in a boat, we went to Braganza in Austria walking, that’s was a great feeling, no borders and it’s a safe amazing lifestyle. However, when I came back I started to compare the two countries; in Palestine the situation is totally the opposite, there are many borders from my house to my University and the transportation is not always available around, also not safe. Palestine is a small area, we do not have many choices as in Germany does. The right atmosphere for street walks, parks and enjoyable weekends.


8 thoughts on “Normal Life

  1. The freedom of travel in Europe is something most of us Palestinians have never had the chance of experiencing in our own country. Even on a larger scale, the Arab world is sealed off with each country securing it’s border from its neighbours. We all dream of the day we can travel from home to uni to a friend”s house in one smooth journey. Until then, safe travels and try not to stress too much. I found music helps a lot on checkpoints.

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  2. You gotta asmit you missed Palestine when you were gone!!
    Well not the point the point is sometimes this thing shows us how life can be hard and inshallah one day we will live the same life they do and id not us the next generation but one day people will come to Palestine and say the same thing you say about Germany


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