“Masculine” Society

In the shadow of our greatness, a kid was created by features of difference. Yes, I was born different because Difference is RARE! My dad is a well known man; famous, they call him Sheikh and Mokhtar. Abu Abdullah, a symbol of manhood, success and power. I can say I have lived all my life in the shadow of a . People telling me “Oh, your Abu Abdullahs son? then…” and I will have what I need without any sweat, “Wasta”! the way I dress, talk, walk, my voice and life are color grey and my dads is blue! people would have a heart attack when they know I’m a son of a legend! I can read their mind “can’t believe it, he’s a coward, what a loss!!”. A month ago, I was wearing a  white trousers, while entering the college, a dude yelled “Tant”. I smiled because I’m different and they all look the same! that’s so funny, because I don’t drink, smoke, badmouth by and therefore I’m not labeled as a MAN under the Palestinians masculine society standards! Don’t judge a book by its cover, too late! Embrace the reality and stay different.



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