Degraded Smiles!

12287484_10153640101035991_1984238469_oAs an Arabian woman, I was self taught by watching, and living in, our society to walk around with a serious frown across my face-just like everyone else. This expression, I believed, would shield me from any unwanted random acquaintances. It would also ward off all those uninvited male egos that I would pass by in the streets. So I took that expression with me to the UK. On my first day, I was walking to the superstore nearby. My eyes were fixed straight ahead and my eyebrows were cross, my walk was that of a woman on a mission: just to isolate myself as usual. Halfway through, an elderly British couple stopped me in my tracks and asked if anything is the matter with me. I smiled and said “No there isn’t why?” “You look very troubled young lady”. I laughed it off and kept going. Once I reached the supermarket, while I was hunting for milk, again on a mission, I was stopped by a young man this time. “Smile!” he said. I did. “Are you ok?” “Yes I am”. Ever since that day, I learned to smile when I walk because, well why not!?” I came back to Palestine with a huge smile on my face. Unfortunately, I would walk around looking either like a clown or way too inviting for my fellow Palestinian men. It is a shame how a friendly facial expression has been degraded in our society and replaced by a frown for the social norm.


26 thoughts on “Degraded Smiles!

  1. I often walk around with a smile on my face. In fact, I try to drive that way, too, which is even more unusual. But at least in the US, a smile isn’t taken as an invitation. Enjoyed your post and keep smiling, even if only on the inside.



  2. I enjoyed reading this post. A smile can open up the door of opportunity, or a channel for one to connect with others (as you did with the British couple) who just need that smile so they can see that happiness and inner peace is all worth smiling about. 🙂 Thank you for recently visiting and following my blog site. I hope you will find other things on my site worth smiling about and things you will enjoy reading. Have a blessed day and keep smiling.


    1. I’m very glad! Also agreeing with your comment. One smile opens up many doors of joy, inner peace, relief, social connections and more!
      You’re welcome! your blog is enjoyable as well! Thank you for the comment.

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