JUDE2.JPGShe never dreamed of having  a life based on experiences, options, hobbies, readings and more were people around had tried or lived. She always had issues with accepting that life is only one bubble for all. Her aim was to astray from hobbies, sports and experiences her siblings and friends had tried already. She tends to constantly seek a different path that would seem new to her. Not chasing after basketball like all her siblings, she chose a different field of sport. Never followed with the type of books they read, she simply doesn’t feel their genre to be her reality escape mode. She can’t share events or issues or even personal emotions with all her friends so simply, but prefers lonesome to reconsider her thoughts and actions. Her way of understanding life is  different from what others understand. She views life with all its fields to be incredible whether it was a good or a bad outcome its always a lesson.  A good life is always based on new adventures, insane experiences, seeing light everywhere and not complicating things ahead. She measures her foot steps yet doesn’t plan each step. Having a spontaneous mentality yet insisting on uniqueness is never a bad thing. She socializes, tries, reads, plans to fit the bubble others created. However, she never seemed to let go of herself fully to things others do. She doesn’t feel or accept at all times to just aside her real interests in life in order to fit in or socialize. She think differently sometimes deep other times shallow,  socializes yet avoids some, she reads to escape not to enjoy, she cook rather than headphones when annoyed, she walk faster when upset or nervous. Sometimes she fears new things and that’s what encourages her to set aside her mind and  not let it take over of what life offers from dimensions.

she simply jumps, tries, challenges whats ahead. 



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