One Day Only

Sometimes I don’t understand that I actually lost him, other times I understand fully; it’s complicated to acknowledge the loss easily though its been years. I lost him early, too early we barely had our father son times; adventures, stories, guidance and even fights. One day only to fill a schedule with him is all I want … More One Day Only

Grateful Blogger Award.

Originally posted on nice2beme:
Yesterday I was nominated for the Grateful Blogger Award by Maria Job who is the author of her personal Maria Job blog. This is my first nomination so I don’t really know how to behave myself 😉  My personal blog is quite new and fresh and Maria was one of the first bloggers who…

Cancer Testing Faith?

Cancer tested my faith during high school; I went through the first trauma I could ever be in. I would go unconscious several times during the day that lasted for around 20 days. Finally, I was rushed to the hospital to figure out the issue and “solve” it. This issue took constant doctors’ visits for … More Cancer Testing Faith?

Carnival “B”

It was the summer before we moved to Palestine from America. I went to a carnival fair with my oldest sister and her friends. There was a ‘fortune telling‘ stand. We decided to go and act silly. My sister’s friend went first, the fortune teller told her she was going to gain a lot of … More Carnival “B”

3/7 better than 24/7

  In my own personal stance, I simply wish for Internet to stop existing or stop revolving around ourlives 24/7. If only, I can limit world Internet access from 24/7 to 3/7; enough time to check the medium and whats being updated, enough to find new cooking recipes, enough to make me enjoy my real … More 3/7 better than 24/7