3/7 better than 24/7


media phoneIn my own personal stance, I simply wish for Internet to stop existing or stop revolving around ourlives 24/7. If only, I can limit world Internet access from 24/7 to 3/7; enough time to check the medium and whats being updated, enough to find new cooking recipes, enough to make me enjoy my real social life with friends and family. I honestly long for times where I used to call up the girls and hang out, chill, eat, gossip and have a day of girly entertainment. Ourlives are a tool for the internet. Presently speaking, the world is depending on social media and internet to accomplish everything. Status-ing our daily journey from moment of wake up to moment of knock out, like-ing the random images, posts, articles and thoughts of others, Comment-ing on posts rather than using our voices, embracing every moment lived through pictures for the world to see rather than the maintenance of some personal matters to ourselves. I simply miss the actual gather, real talk, the excitement to bring my wooden box to the girls and laugh at memories, stare at embarrassing old pictures, giggle all day with our fruity smoothy on girly movie.

If only we stop typing and start meeting.



27 thoughts on “3/7 better than 24/7

    1. I absolutely agree with your point! LDR are successful for having Internet and social media. However; the point simply revolves around the limitation of time spent to keep the real social connection on realistic grounds.
      Thank you for sharing Andy 🙂

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  1. Hello! What a sweet post. This is a topic that can be discussed a lot. But here is a difference between letting internet to control our minds and lives and using internet as a tool to more successful career. I miss those football evenings and meetings.. What a nostalgia.. Wish You to find Your friends who would be interested in laughing at memories and giggling as well..
    Have a nice evening! 🙂

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    1. Correct! The internet can be very beneficial whether for education, work fields, ET and more. It always has its positives and negatives if you comprehend the real use of it. Thank you for sharing I hope you manage to bring back your old memories as well! Nothing beats having good times and laughter with friends.

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  2. Working for a web-based company, 3/7 wouldn’t work for us! It is frightening, though, seeing people constantly checking their phones, terrified that they’re going to miss some little trifle of a virtual stranger’s daily life.
    I’m glad I grew up pre-web (until a couple of years into university even), so I appreciate it but I’m not “married” to it.

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  3. The internet has become a portal to a new realm.. Unlike those poor souls who have caught in the crushing grasp of internet, they’ve become slaves to social media websites. The internet is more than just that. The internet open up new doors for thinkers alike to connect thought blogs, it also provided gateways for people around the world to redefine entertainment. The internet is not just photos and statues.. it is a world with many gates.

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    1. The time spent on social media is more than the time spent on actual matters. That is definitely unfortunate! However, as you said, its an open door to the users to choose on how to use it and for what.


  4. Unfortunately, internet and social media is killing our social lives, people are posting and commenting without feeling, they stay offline although they are always online. I hate that we think that we are close but in fact we are tooo far from each other.


    1. That an interesting point to make! We refer to internet and social media as the circles of social interactions but you just through a point to be taken! In my opinion this point could mean that some are finally getting bored of this domination and try to hide behind the offline status in order to gain back reality.


  5. Big Brudder should be there to limit everyone to 3/5 max, leaving chunks of day and weekends off where one can actually do stuff. Even if doing the stuff is to provide material for the 3/5! I do know lots of people who will only engage in pursuits which are guaranteed to give good blogging fodder.


    1. You’re definitely one of the lucky ones! It’s great to know some had actually enjoyed their days of real interaction rather than complaining for not having the internet back in the old days! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  6. I can instantly connect with this blog post. In a world we are connected 24/7, we are socially “dis-connected”!! people who would call you on your birthday, now can just “get away” with a whatsapp massage or by posting on your wall! so it’s now getting impersonal with socially connected world. while we may be connected with a person who is thousands of miles away, we are “dis-connected” with a person sitting next to us! is that what we want?
    Also, people expect you to revert to Instant messages as if you were waiting for their message! surely, reduced “connected” time will improve the productivity of people!

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    1. Sadly your words are very true! This is the real case nowadays. All kinds of relations are happening through social networks and nothing is being done on actual grounds. It’s a sad reality to rely on social networks this much rather than engaging in person.

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