Carnival “B”

It was the summ12335939_681365311998764_1532047088_ner before we moved to Palestine from America. I went to a carnival fair with my oldest sister and her friends. There was a ‘fortune telling‘ stand. We decided to go and act silly. My sister’s friend went first, the fortune teller told her she was going to gain a lot of money. I don’t believe in these things at all but I still decided to go next. The lady grabbed the palm of my hand and told me I’m going to fall in love with someone that starts with the letter ‘B‘ in the summer. The whole plane ride to Palestine I was laughing with my sister saying how there’s no ‘Bob or Billy’ in Palestine. That’s when I got off the plane and when to my grandpas house and heard “Hi my name’s Belal” he was my first childhood ‘love’.


13 thoughts on “Carnival “B”

  1. I can connect in some way. It always feels good to be back and forth from and to the two countries where you are from and belong. LIKE


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