Cancer Testing Faith?

12358385_10153679327085991_989958826_nCancer tested my faith during high school; I went through the first trauma I could ever be in. I would go unconscious several times during the day that lasted for around 20 days. Finally, I was rushed to the hospital to figure out the issue and “solve” it. This issue took constant doctors’ visits for five months. Lastly, a certain issue showed up where I was sent to the ultra sound department where it was overflowing with expecting women waiting their babies check up tests. I was insanely shocked! Why would I be here? What’s going on? I felt embarrassment, humiliation and fear. I was simply traumatized with where I was. Everyone wondering what a teenage girl would be doing in such department; throwing questions at me concerning pregnancy; gender, birth due and pregnancy complications… if I had any. I had to scream “STOP”. When my turn finally came, the doctor started examining the issue as my parents were standing aside with worried looks, shivering hands and soul fear. The doctor looked around, whispered, leaving the room afterwards. We finally reached home as I saw my parents whispering with nerves wrecked and eyes tearing as they throw the killer word “cancer”. I stood still with all strength but yet felt paralyzed, traumatized and heated; I wanted to explode, shout and deny this word exists. I cried secretly, my mother spoke to me about the issue. I learned that I had two tumors in my right ovary with the possibility of being cancer tumors. I settled down, loosened up and decided to think clearly rather than falling apart. I thought surgery if I was accurately diagnosed and chemo therapy, definitely no wait. But afterwards I had to fall again when I thought of losing my hair, physical strength and my active life. I prayed, approached my religion until I forgot my possible cancer disease. I though better and optimistically to fight the battle with all strengths. When I went for my final check up test, I was afraid but yet ready for my battle. The doctor started, again looked around, shocked but spoke this time…”the tumors are gone, disappeared”. He checked the ultra sound machine for any confusion or if was broken. After new studies and examinations it was finally revealed to be a different issue that is related to active hormones and not cancer or tumor. I owned the universe in that moment. I couldn’t believe I have my life, strength, optimism, faith and courage to fight anything unwelcomed in my life. My faith was extreme; a priority and a path for my life ahead. Never lose optimism and never assume terrible scenarios.

I’m well, pleased and grateful


24 thoughts on “Cancer Testing Faith?

  1. “My faith was extreme; a priority and a path for my life ahead. Never lose optimism and never assume terrible scenarios.” I was happy for the positive ending. When we have death near. Life is more precious.

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  2. je suis désolée de t’écrire en francais, mais je ne suis pas bilingue, et j’ai pu lire ton billet grâce a la traduction de Google
    Je suis convaincue que l’optimiste et la foi peut de grande chose .. il y a toujours du positif même dans les pires évènements En tout cas, malgré qu’on ne se connait pas, je suis très heureuse pour ce tournant de ta santé


    1. Merci je te remercie vraiment pour ces mots là. Je suis très heureuse que vous avez arrivé à comprendre ce que je voulais présenter. En tout cas j’espère qu’on se’ échange les idées. Merci pour voir mon blog, en plus j’ai utilisé un ami pour me traduire tes mots alors on est égale.


  3. Beautiful story. These certain moments are a sort of wake up calls. Usually, when someones life suddenly reaches a tragic shift their perspective on life changes. They might take this change as a positive stance or believe that it will always go worse. Most people are appreciative of their life when something like cancer or anything damaged occurs. But we should be patient and believe everything happens for a reason and to hope for the best in all stages of life.

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    1. Thank you for sharing Mae! I agree with you patience and appreciation are two important elements in ourlives. Taking to consideration things that happen to learn from is always benificial,don’t think negatively rather understand and have optimism.


  4. I wish cancer could just die!!
    That story touched me .. I am glad you figured out its not cancer.. take every single chance to enjoy your life!
    Much love

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  5. “Be aware of your own worth,
    use all of your power to achieve it.
    Create an ocean from a dewdrop.
    Do not beg for light from the moon,
    obtain it from the spark within you…”

    ~ Allama Iqbal

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