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Just two letters, one word. Simple, small and so frightening for so many. Avoiding the use this little word has brought more problems, misunderstandings, sadness and regrets than you can imagine. Maybe we feel guilty when we say it? Maybe we feel we are being rude to…

I’m no stranger!

Have you ever heard a song, liked it, listened to it constantly, but never really understood it? That was every Fairouz, Ahmed Kaabour, and Marcel Khalife song of my childhood. All I ever retained was that the streets of Jerusalem were unhappy, and that real Palestinians marched with olive branches in one hand, and their … More I’m no stranger!

Parentless Bibo

Out of nowhere, I heard the cries of my 10-month-old brother coming from the corridor. I quickly picked up the best ride I had, and rushed out of my room to give it to him so that he wouldn’t interrupt my race. As I turned around, the dragon had got mama from her hair; cursing, pulling … More Parentless Bibo