Untouched..I AM SPIRIT

I for many years felt as though those who abused me, hurt me, stole me from myself. In the ensuing years I have walked the Healing Journey, I came to places where I could decide to let go the feelings of being a victim or choose to forgive and Love those that hurt me. That took me a lot of years to do, just take my word for it. I in my search of high and low of tools to help me heal, came to the astounding realization that regardless of what others did to me, I was not touched. ME. I AM SPIRIT. And in that powerful knowing, I took ME back.

This body is not ME, and what was done to my body is not ME. My soul and spirit were in reality not touched but I allowed the experiences to do just that. Things or people may be able to hurt this body which is not ME but truly they are not able to touch ME, SPIRIT. Same holds true for you, but you most come to that understanding yourself. I forgave. And I reached out in LOVE to those who hurt me and in the process realized there was only LOVE all along. I learned from those experiences giving me opportunities to develop deep within, Compassion and the Ability to Reach out to hurting Hearts. I would not be who I AM today without those experiences.
And if you as you read this think that my experiences are light compared to yours, one of those experiences I speak of was being ganged raped by 5 boys. For many years I felt raped right down to my very soul, and almost lost my sanity over this. Today in the understanding I have due to the Healing Journey I myself have been on, I know those boys never touched ME, only this temporary body I am in this Life.
I have also learned to focus on the Beauty in Life and by doing so, Healing just happens. I was going round and round with anger, hate and bitterness until one day I decided to move forward with my Life with my Camera as my main source of Healing. I have never regretted that decision, never. I have gained entrance into Worlds I would not even know existed if I did not make the decision to move on leaving anger, bitterness, hate behind and stepping into Love.


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