Parentless Bibo

Out of nowhere, I heard the cries of my 10-month-old brother coming from the corridor. I quickly picked up the best ride I had, and rushed out of my room to give it to him so that he wouldn’t interrupt my race. As I turned around, the dragon had got mama from her hair; cursing, pulling my mom from her hair and dragging her down the stairs. I didn’t much care for that sight. I was busy, watching dad as he was cursing mama out, watching the whole thing with pride. Mama fell to her knees and crawled towards my little brother. The dragon had legs, and it stomped mama. The dragon had hands, and it slapped mama. The dragon was human. The drago12722445_10153799553305991_2137723445_on was grandma.

For two years I refused to succumb to my body’s requests. After two years, I became nothing but a frustrated sack of skin and bones. I decided to destroy the castle the dragon lived in. I grabbed a hammer out of my dad’s toolbox and smacked the gate over and over again until I walked through it. One day ago, my sister had decided to play a prank on one random victim from my family. She took a toothpick, and shoved it inside the couch cushion. As I was jumping on it, the toothpick fired up into my foot. I remained silent. I observed, I was unable to get up, or pull it out, and that’s when I screamed my lungs out for the first time. My dad was busy organizing a little antique store  next to our house as he heard me screech. Rushing to save the day, he saw the door I had broken in grandma’s castle. He jumped and yelled  for ruining his property. “Go live in the streets” he said. refusing to listen to my cries, look at my wound, and interrupt his lecture. He only pulled out the toothpick  pressed two pieces of cotton on both sides of my foot and wrapped them up with tape, duct tape.

Mama was not there to see how I did because dad rejected every call she made. During that time, all I thought of was the bruises that old bastard gave me. I was unable to release any anger through damaging objects, I never wanted to damage another being, so the only option left was damaging myself.


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