Silence Is My Worst Enemy

When I was in 9th grade in high school, I was bullied ever since I moved to the new school by a girl that I’d will never forget her name. I was bullied physically, socially, and cyber-bullying. However, I know I am not the first one to experience such violent behaviors, but believe it or not, bullying leaves a huge scar. I had to change schools, and I was aiming for a better education. I never thought that there is such cruelty and anger in the world until I experienced it. When I first entered the school, I made a lot of friends and they used to call me ‘speedy’ because I was really good in playing Basketball. One day, after applying for the Basketball try-outs, we had a huge game against another school. After the game, the coach wanted me on the defense spot where a girl had to change her position in order for me to fit in her spot. Nothing was intentional. I could say, that day was the beginning of my experience. The girl who used to bully me only acted in hatred and anger ever since. She started turning people against me, and I stared loosing a lot of people in my life while she continued spreading rumors about me which were all untrue. Then the situation escalated into physical bullying, where she used to push me into the lockers room and beat me in my stomach, back, and legs. I never knew how to build a safe wall to keep me safe from her aggressiveness. I was scared to share my fear and the issue itself with either my family or friends. I have a big brother plays Ninjutsu who only visits in summer. So, one day he came home and I mentioned to him that I would like him to give me self-defense moves in order to protect myself if anything happens with me in the future. He believed. So I took self-defense moves and learned how to control myself in terms of concentration. The physical bullying continued up until 11th grade ever since I had to put a stop to it. I defended myself out of fear of course, not with the intent to hurt her even though she was not worth the effort. She used to hit me, while one of her minions where guarding the door in case someone walks on her and catches her. One day, she attacked me and I was prepared for it. She was shocked because the moves I learnt helped me serve her the idea that its.. ENOUGH.


After that day, she tried bullying me physically, but no success in that. Continued my high-school experience until I reached 12th grade with the social and cyber-bullying. But I did not give her such attention or the chance to feel that she still can control or affect me. However, the good part about such an experience is that it made me closer to my parents. I opened up and talked about the issue after it happened, of course they got mad and wanted to go to school and do something about it, but I told them that this experience is the one who made me who I am today. I wanted to see how I can manage to get out of it alone, in order to understand how the circumstances implemented on me and how I should count on myself more. At least, that’s how it felt at that moment. Bullying imprints physical, social, and psychological effects on the individual in addition to the realization of the different practices done to others. Victims have to share their stories their voices can reach the world since silence was my worst enemy and might also be their’s.


8 thoughts on “Silence Is My Worst Enemy

  1. Yes, bullying comes in many forms and is unacceptable. Thanks for sharing your experience to help others. Yes, talking about it lets others support the victim so they are no longer victims.


  2. Congratulations for standing up to her physically. I feel saddened that you got bullied and believe hurting others gives bullies a vey brief respite from their own intolerable emotional pain. May you never be bullied again and may the girl who bullied you find better ways to relieve her pain than hurting others.

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