Nostalgic Waves

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I blast those extremely nostalgic moments I get out of the blue. I mean there are times where you don’t even know you had it in you. Moments and flashbacks burst out as you pass by a store, or catch a very old movie or run by an old dear fella. We really do forget the past when its not a tragic experience. Why do we always have to recall sorrow only? I remember the first time I went to the hospital as a kid or had my first horrible allergy. Why can’t we also put our long buried memories on an elevator to our present memory?

It was during late 90’s where Titanic was playing for the first time. Everyone was thrilled and excited for the tragic event in 1912 playing in front of them on a wide screen, loud, clear and perhaps specific details. Another old tragedy I know, but people’s emotions were clear enough to absorb the heat from the wall lights. I think we are passionate about movies based on true stories. We can relate. It is a great way to catch some oldies regardless of the changes taking place. Not everyone reads ,and not everyone is willing to give time to an old Rose to hear about past events, but no matter what, everyone has the time to catch a movie.


We took our tickets, threw ourselves on the perfect row for perfect sight and suddenly, lights went off and silence took over. The movie started, I crawled up on my seat and wrapped my coat around me. My feet never reached the floor but my popcorn did. I can’t say I remember much, what would I remember in the dark  and what it seems to feel like ages ago? I do remember people’s whispers of words I didn’t understand. But again, what would I understand from a room full of people whispering all at once? I felt blind. That darkened room taught me so much. Even if your senses weren’t at their best, you can easily feel how moved people were.

It wasn’t only a moment between Jack and Rose “you jump, I jump”. It was a moment of jump for all of us.

Thrills, whispers and each clutching his partner’s  arm not for warmth, but for actually living the moment. That  was simply a breathe-taking incredible live-shot for me. That scene has been captured in my memory for as long as I can remember. Enough proof to give away how 5 12 20 years after its first time playing in theater, it will always be an EPIC.

Titanic’s Catastrophic Voyage- 1912.


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