Safe Keeping


A few years ago, my husband and I invited my husband’s best friend and his parents to come over for dinner. It was a lovely day and his parents brought my then 4 month old son a toy- a steering wheel that runs on batteries.

We had an enjoyable time with some good laughs that day- and great food may I add. His mother joked about finding her son (our friend) a bride and I joked back saying I will be on the lookout for one. Soon after the night was gone they said their goodbyes and left.
I haven’t seen them again ever since that dinner night but I always thought we would reunite at a wedding or some other event or gathering.  Unfortunately, a few months ago, his mother suddenly passed away.

Her son was left torn that she was gone too soon having not seen any of her children marry nor had she tasted the joy of being a grandmother.
A few weeks ago, I ran across the steering wheel in my son’s outgrown toys box in his room and took it out. I cleaned it up and put in some fresh batteries and hid it for safe keeping.Once our friend is blessed with a child, we are going to present them with this this steering wheel toy , and hope that the sentimental value that it carries will bring some peace to his heart and that he would know that somehow his mother is nearby every time the child plays with it.


2 thoughts on “Safe Keeping

  1. What a beautiful gift it will be. Such a thoughtful thing to do and I am sure your friend will be very touched by this. We never know how long we have each other for and so xmas time is a good way to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. Kath


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