Mirror Mirror

We often stand on our mirrors and expect something. We may use our mirrors as another way of having a company with us. Our reflection may be our sincerest friend? Or our most trusty selves? We share what we can’t express, speak what we fear, think what we’re not allowed of, sometimes creating rivers of tears,  press on buried memories, tackle our doubts, express loving or hatred emotions, admitted a faulty act, or simply just mumbling to yourself with no reasoning words.

Photo by Alex Baker

But have we ever really thought ..“if our mirror spoke to us, what will it tell us?”

Mirror 1: You’re a beautiful person, respectful, watch over yourself from enemies around.

Mirror 2: I have confidence in myself, I am brave, I can build my own future and maintain the happy and safe zone I can construct.

Mirror 3: Rise! Rise from subtlety! Jump off the edges of life and onto life. Dive! Dive in head first without the subtle hope for a safety zone. Just let go.

Mirror 4: Keep your eye on your goal and never look back, this will get you closer to where you to reach tomorrow.

Mirror 5: I have always wondered what my mirror speaks when I see her holding my reflection. does she feel me observing my image standing still?daydreaming, thinking, going mad, smiling, crying? several strange emotions happen during that stand. Is she telling me to stand confidently? Not needing make up products to glam, you are beautiful! I convince my reflection with those words constantly, I don’t need make up to reflect on my inner natural beauty.

Mirror 6: I stand against my reflection for all sort of reasons, dressing up, doing my hair, make up, wash my face, brush my teeth, or putting on some earrings. Few years back, I was my only communication, I was my listener. I abandoned the world on many levels refusing to deal with the outside, I spoke to myself, and I listened. I cried and wiped my tears,  motivated, fought, went back down and back up, I caused a heavy sorrow and cured it myself. I understood that whether through my own reflection or not, I will always be the reason to fall and rise, hurt and heal, experience,regret and cheer.

Mirror 7: My mirror tells me to stop what I am doing with my life. It tells me to stop fearing the future and regret the past. To stop running away from home, from my parents, from my feelings, and from my myself. It would tell me to man up.


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