“I Don’t Drink” He Says..

“Don’t hustle the hubby, hustle the idea”.

Mainly I have been trying to convince my husband to start drinking coffee or anything that is hot since we started dating ..

I have tried regular tea, Earl tea, chamomile, different herbs out there, and regular coffee, and (all flavors).

So, I started with baby steps and actually treated him like a child. I bought him a bag of mixed candy with a box of instant hot chocolate pack. This was a few months ago. Obviously during this time I haven’t asked him about it so he doesn’t start to perceive me as a nagging wife, and then rejects this whole approach.

Then, a month ago I was on a regular visit at my in-law’s home and I opened a kitchen cabinet and discovered he had given the whole bag to them. I should’ve had a rage storm on him but held it in. It wasn’t a way to pull him in my safe drinking bubble.

So, I am obviously a coffee lover and all that comes along with this wintery weather. What do I do next? – I thought to myself …

One night a week at a time, I would make a nice smelling cup of Cappuccino, or a bursting fresh smell of a mint leaf in a good cup of tea. And guess what? He joined the club. His secret was two extra teaspoons of sugar and that man was wrapped around the whole coffee bar at home..


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