Misled By The Art

I met a new person this week. She was very lovely, social and a good talker. We talked and went out for lunch. I met her through another friend right after we finished shopping for a gathering we all had. We had a common taste in clothes, ideas and all. And she looked very neat and colorful. I asked what she did that day and she referred to herself as an artist. Very interesting right? She elaborated more on the colors she likes and uses, the brushes, and the harmony of creating new finishes for the artwork.

Her excitement was very fulfilling. She invited me to her workplace, and I went.

Little did I know this was a different art!

I had realized that she was an artist but of nails art. Apparently her sharp looks and neat colorful designed nails were her field of art/work.

We pass by many nails places on regular basis, but I honestly never imagined it would be a big business if you have the talent and skill. Her place was a real art. She did not fail the description of her work. Artistic walls, painting, mirrors, the furniture and even the coffee mugs, her business card, and her costumers joyful smiles. She had it all.

I realized she was an ARTIST of nails.

Lets not undermined how strongly accurate these nail art people have to be with tiny brushes and creating new color combinations/designs.


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