Make Your Phone’s list Fun!

I am very curious with what people name their partners or parents on their phone contact list. You see, people usually name their husbands cute pet names or something they fantasize about or perhaps something that resembles them. Most of the times these cute names turn into something embarrassing or just too private.

I named by husband a cookie with an emoji. I assumed it would be cute, we both love cookies, its cute out loud and not embarrassing if someone catches the name when he rings… I think.. right?

Apparently my older married sister is a little more advanced. She now uses her feelings to type out her husband’s name. Usually it is hubby, or babe, blah bah. Recently I noticed the change, she actually named him “the father of my son, not my love”. That was a new level for me that I hadn’t noticed before. I guess its understandable..

I have friends who call their parents government, or FBI or any of that sort. You know…given that they are allowed to set rules and curfews and such. Also, VERY CREATIVE!


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