Out & About 2022..

I have been telling people that I am very thrilled about 2022. I understand that it is just a new time zone in our lives but I am excited.

I am not surrounding myself with negativity, laziness, or any pessimistic vibe whatsoever.

We are two weeks into the new year 2022 and I have already accomplished more than I have done in few months of last year. It’s a thrill…BELIEVE ME!

I decided to be more involved with the most regular things a person can do on daily bases.

I am socializing in person more, and through social media apps, I went over my shopping list and finally bought myself nice things rather than buying for others. I did my first adventure/hike for the year, visited a museum, tried a new seafood meal, started reading a new book, changed my hair color, and discovered a new music playlist for my workouts at the gym.. I still have more..

I wanted to go OUT and grab a bunch of POSITIVITY.


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