Grab an Ice-cream

I drove by an ice cream place this morning while I was going to work. I pass by this place every day in the morning but I haven’t really been there or noticed anything about it. However, this morning it did. A man, mid to late forties was sitting right behind the glass enjoying about … More Grab an Ice-cream

Mirror Mirror

We often stand on our mirrors and expect something. We may use our mirrors as another way of having a company with us. Our reflection may be our sincerest friend? Or our most trusty selves? We share what we can’t express, speak what we fear, think what we’re not allowed of, sometimes creating rivers of … More Mirror Mirror

Safe Keeping

A few years ago, my husband and I invited my husband’s best friend and his parents to come over for dinner. It was a lovely day and his parents brought my then 4 month old son a toy- a steering wheel that runs on batteries. We had an enjoyable time with some good laughs that … More Safe Keeping


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1st time in the labour room:- Me: “Dr, what is it? I wanted a girl” Doc: “Wait for 5 minutes.” I apprehensively waited & the doctor said “It’s a boy”, showing me the baby. My baby gender wish vanished the moment I saw my baby and held him in my…

Nostalgic Waves

Featured photo from I blast those extremely nostalgic moments I get out of the blue. I mean there are times where you don’t even know you had it in you. Moments and flashbacks burst out as you pass by a store, or catch a very old movie or run by an old dear fella. We … More Nostalgic Waves

Late Realization

The first level of any game is always the easiest. The meet up, gathering and interaction. This game made him nice, friendly and a bit different from ones around. One talk after another, one handshake after another and I realized the start of it… It didn’t take long to wake up to the next level of the game. I never understood … More Late Realization


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Just two letters, one word. Simple, small and so frightening for so many. Avoiding the use this little word has brought more problems, misunderstandings, sadness and regrets than you can imagine. Maybe we feel guilty when we say it? Maybe we feel we are being rude to…