Make Your Phone’s list Fun!

I am very curious with what people name their partners or parents on their phone contact list. You see, people usually name their husbands cute pet names or something they fantasize about or perhaps something that resembles them. Most of the times these cute names turn into something embarrassing or just too private. I named … More Make Your Phone’s list Fun!


Misled By The Art

I met a new person this week. She was very lovely, social and a good talker. We talked and went out for lunch. I met her through another friend right after we finished shopping for a gathering we all had. We had a common taste in clothes, ideas and all. And she looked very neat … More Misled By The Art

Rainy Rain

And out of sudden it starts to rain Today was the first time it actually rains where I live. It just happened! No dog barks, no storm, no rain drops knocking on my glass window and no sound drifts of cars. I woke up this morning and couldn’t believe my eyes! I means literally couldn’t … More Rainy Rain

Grab an Ice-cream

I drove by an ice cream place this morning while I was going to work. I pass by this place every day in the morning but I haven’t really been there or noticed anything about it. However, this morning it did. A man, mid to late forties was sitting right behind the glass enjoying about … More Grab an Ice-cream

Normal Life

Normal life: The German people were kind enough to treat us well; when we needed help they helped. On a normal day after work we would go home to rest or to the supermarket to get some food and groceries to cook. Also, on every Saturday and Sunday they would take us for tours to … More Normal Life

The Kid

Born and raised Tampa Florida since 92 Just a little boy living in a world without a clue chubby kid eating food is all I knew Everything changed September 11, 2001 twin towers went down Word terrorist developed and know I knew why a Latino gets mad when they are called a Mexican or border … More The Kid