Lie Away

When one is friends with, related to or married to an actor or actress and they lie about a matter they have discussed, or a situation they faced (include dramatic behavior or reactions) they obviously get away with the lies they have told. How could they be trusted?

Children at someone point are very blunt with their honesty and truthful opinions. It is what gets most parents in trouble; “my mom said she never liked the way you dress”, or ” I don’t like your cooking”. What is this fine line that can be easily crossed with children and their attitude to truthfulness. They can use it in their own benefit while getting out of trouble and blaming others for what they have committed, or they can easily put you under the spotlight in front of others.

Yeah, I’d love to grab lunch this week..

That series you recommended was absolutely worth binge watching..

Nice place..

You look great..

Even white lies are simply fading truths away all day long. How should we recognize what is real and what is not anymore? We are very misled with what is honest about what we deliver to people, and what is rubbish? HOW CAN WE TELL!


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