What are feelings?

12243875_10153628192150991_1892239273_nWhat are feelings? Is it when the beast inside you starts beating madness, Feeding on your insides daydreaming. Staring at the ceiling as if it’s another dimension, Could I be asleep in a dream inception? What are feelings? Go ahead find out yourself prepare for one hell of a ride Put the coin in the jukebox, Play that melancholy melody where your chest erupts as a volcano Memories flash, Wake the Heart up let it Rumble in the jungle Every beat pounding loud as a boombox Sound echoes travels to the rest of your insides like a flow Destroys and drains everything else remaining Putting on the final touches Finishing you off like a painting. 


8 thoughts on “What are feelings?

  1. Our conception of feelings are fairly the same.. Feels are cluster of void that dwell in one’s soul. It takes over the heart and makes it pound.. Ever wondered why our hears are trapped in a cage? It is to contain this beast..


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