The Kid

12233584_10204340228140477_473741040_nBorn and raised Tampa Florida since 92 Just a little boy living in a world without a clue chubby kid eating food is all I knew Everything changed September 11, 2001 twin towers went down Word terrorist developed and know I knew why a Latino gets mad when they are called a Mexican or border jumper and an African a black dude Felt like a king with a word that has been crowned to me that’s why kids can’t take it anymore shoot up a school start blasting leaving nobody standing Little did they know the life I go through growing up I know now what red was a blood and blue a crip pressured with stress ain’t nothing else to do but join gangs bust shots everyday killing each representing colors Heck if cops cared corrupted just like you and me Posted up by that pole selling rocks trying to make a dime just to eat trying to put shoes on our feet Didn’t have time for school we were too cool and them teachers were the ones laughing telling us we nothing stop wasting your time for an education guns were our medication Little did I know about my religion driven by lust and desires All that changed in 2007 came to Palestine didn’t like it at first felt like prison teenager words went in one ear and out didn’t want to listen Jews treated us like dirt and it hurt Checkpoints, interrogations, discriminated and my people in occupation caused my frustration Waited 5 years for a blue pocketbook made me mental had to carry it around cause it’s my identity They didn’t want us here but that’s when I adapted here shook all fears off found Allah So lost in the Deen people think it’s a dream the Holy Quran made my soul clean Join the team if Allah is for us who can be against us Waiting for the day we break the chains and end the occupation and be free Heaven my number one goal hope we see the light before we fall.


13 thoughts on “The Kid

  1. I love the idea of you blog, i actually love the fact that no one is obliged to say his/her name when entailing a certain story. This later on will make people more comfortable to come and entail their own stories to the world.
    And it is actually helpful for people who have faced harsh circumstances in their life to step forward and let out all these negative feelings. Because the bruise is only healed when it is let out or written down.
    Keep the good work 😉

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    1. thank you for sharing this a lot Shoroq! this is needed the main purpose of such blog theme. having everyone to share anonymously to avoid embarrassment and judgments is what we need now!
      will do thank you 🙂


  2. I like the use of certain colors to highlight the mood of this piece. It is sure different and has a very sad nelancholic tone but what surprises me is that all if this is suddenly turned into anger resistance and revolt. Keep up the good work on this amazing blog.

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  3. its a great work really .. you also do something special i like every elements in this story ..i really enjoyed when i read it .. i think in one day you will be a very big star and famous hhhh i wish to you all the best and keep your amazing work


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